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We’re open, just with a few changes as we journey back to normal.

We’re so happy to announce we’re open and running a studio schedule as close to normal as possible. There are guidelines to follow as you enter our premises. Please respect them. Studio classes are by online booking only, and strictly limited to 10 people, until restrictions lift further. 

Our Online classes have been incredibly popular so we’re keeping our online Zoom classes going, with a new schedule. 

As things get back to normal we will adjust according to Government guidelines. Your respect of these regulations will serve to help us all get back to normal sooner rather than later.

For now, enjoy the Best of Both Worlds (our new friend BOB), as we give you multiple options to enjoy your practice and stay healthy!

Studio Classes

Online Classes

The original Hot Yoga 90 minute class remains one of the most effective and accessible therapeutic yoga practices in the world.

But what if I’m not flexible, have injuries, been unwell or older? Should I try Hot Yoga?


The Original 90 minute Bikram Hot Yoga class follows a traditional hatha yoga format with four parts to each posture, allowing greater control over your body, especially for those who carry recent or chronic injury:

  • A slow and carefully guided movement into each posture, with an emphasis on alignment rather than depth
  • A moment of focus, breath and stillness within each posture
  • A slow and carefully guided movement out of each posture
  • A moment of focus, breath and recovery between each posture

We have new set of temporary passes to suit current scheduling.

Celebrating our 15th year!

Susan and Michael Houghton,
studio owners and teachers

In the first weeks of the New Year we imagined 2020 was to be a year of clear purpose, intention and direction. After all, 20/20 vision is perfect vision.

However, with the unexpected onset of COVID-19, the world suddenly became more complex, less sympathetic and seemingly hostile. Almost overnight, we had to embrace change and create a totally new way of teaching Bikram Yoga to support our loyal community of students and teachers.

The crisis became an opportunity, which gave birth to our online live-streamed 90-minute Original Bikram Yoga class.

As the months in lockdown passed, from our living room next to the fireplace to keep us warm, we reached out to former and new students, from Fitzroy and around the world, and taught the same class we have taught our community for 15 years, supporting your ability to take responsibility for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and create an important flow-on effect.

As your wellbeing improves, so too does your ability to redirect focus beyond yourself. We have always believed we each have the capacity to be present and available for each other, perhaps not always physically, but certainly mentally and emotionally. This is especially important during these times of increased emotional stress and social isolation.

As we continue through 2020, it is actually becoming a year of fresh hope, renewed purpose, loving intention and new direction and we hope that in years to come, you can remain present with us, and for each other, in our studio and online world of Bikram Yoga Fitzroy.  


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