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Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy is an independently owned, non-franchised studio. We  teach the original therapeutic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a 90 minute yoga class, heated to 40º, every day, 37 times a week.  We do it because the yoga works!

Bikram Hot Yoga is designed to work for everybody….with every body type, shape, size and whether you feel fit, fragile or frazzled. Potential health benefits depend simply upon what you can do with the body you have today, rather than on how your practice looks compared to anyone else.

When practiced regularly, Bikram Hot Yoga may have a positive effect upon your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.


You can change that, by doing Bikram Hot Yoga. As we age muscle and joint stiffness can cause injury, limit your movement and cause you to give up the things you love doing.

Bikram Hot Yoga slows down your chronological clock so that young people look younger longer and older people get back their healthy glow and gain more mobility.


But I'm not flexible, should I do yoga?

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This is what our regulars have to say

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer

While I love the physical strength practicing Bikram brings to my life, the spiritual and emotional strength and clarity it provides is far more precious. The warmth of the team at Fitzroy and their individual support is unique. They take the time to notice, celebrate and challenge me and in doing so, remind me of the importance of taking the time to acknowledge myself and self-reflect in this way too. In June 2015 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. This resulted in surgery and medical advice that I should not exercise for 6 months in order to give my body the best chance of healing and being ready for more treatment. No swimming. No running. No Bikram.

While I was willing to stop swimming and running in my quest to be cancer free, after much reflection I did not think I could remain remotely sane without Bikram. So, I chose to continue my practice. My post-surgery six month scans and tests occurred the week before Christmas. The surgeon had warned me that it was 90% likely that 2016 would involve a series of radiation treatments and potentially more surgery. However, not only was further treatment not required, the tests revealed that I am cancer free.

The surgeon was astounded by both these results and the speed with which my body had completely recovered from the surgery and had created healthy cells in the place where cancer had once bred. So, for me, 2016 now holds more Bikram classes in amongst finally being able to begin running and swimming again. My gratitude to the team at Fitzroy, in particular Michael, Susan, Deb, Claire and Karen, is eternal. Without ever realising it, they each provided me with the courage, balance and strength to help my body heal and survive."

- Jen



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The unique sequence of 26 postures make Bikram Hot Yoga accessible to everyone

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Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy is 10 years old

November 2015 marked the 10th Anniversary of Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy. Looking towards the future, we will continue to teach and educate our community about the therapeutic benefits of the 90-minute Bikram Original Hot Yoga practice.

We know, through personal experience and the stories our students tell us, that conducting a regular 90-minute practice, taught by our experienced and capable teachers, may bring physical, mental and emotional healing to people of all ages and states of health.

Susan and Michael Houghton, Owners and Teachers at Bikram Yoga Fitzroy

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